Mrs. McGowan's Class Into Place With Autumn!

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You'll find several fall activities that will make learning fun!

The Season of Autumn Columbus Day Halloween
October: Fire Safety Month (coming soon) Veterans' Day Thanksgiving

The Season of Autumn

Earth At Night
This is great to see at any season!   Scroll across to see the whole world.

Autumn Coloring Pages

Why Do Leaves Change Colors? (from Science Made Simple)

Why Leaves Change Color (from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Web site)    

Apples CyberGuide  -  Schools of California Online Resources for Educators (SCORE) Project

Scarecrows from the Virtual Vine

Apple Unit from the Virtual Vine

Pumpkin Unit from the Virtual Vine

Apple Star Story

Four Seasons Lesson Plan

Pumpkin, Pumpkin Lesson Plan

Pick A Pumpkin Activity (education world)

Readers Theater Script: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Seasons of the Apple Tree Printable

Johnny Appleseed Hidden Pictures

Bat Quest: In Search of Stellaluna


Additional Activities

* Identify and share special events taking place in your community during the fall.

* Collect leaves and identify.   See Autumn Leaf Scrapbook  and the Tree Identification Guide

* Johnny Appleseed and Westward Expansion by Kate O'Neill - Find the best route taken by Johnny Appleseed. Locate natural barriers to westward expansion.  Students will identify things they would need to make the trip and compare it with Johnny Appleseed's baggage.

* Make a fall web: What activities, holidays, clothing, and other changes do you associate with fall? Individual students or small groups can create webs to show their ideas. Click here to see how a web might look.

* Interview your town historian about autumn in past years. Make a Venn diagram showing past and present.

* Compare/contrast autumn in different types of towns - urban/suburban/rural.

* Graph your classmates favorite sports, colors, food, activities for fall.

* Draw a town map showing places of interest in the fall.

* Create a fall postcard about your town.

* Write a fall song and sing to a familiar tune.

* Create a fall slide show for visitors.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day from teachervision

Make a Map and Columbus' Ships (enchanted learning)

Veterans' Day

In our class, families are invited to share the names of their veterans.  We make a display and the students tell about each of these heroes.  Here's the letter sent home and a photo of our wall display:

Letter Requesting Veteran's Name

Display of Veterans' Stars

The Story of Veterans Day

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