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St. Patrick's Day Readers Theatre Script

This script has 24 "parts" which can easily be combined to accommodate a smaller class.  You have permission to print it out to use in your own classroom.  Please do not copy to use on another website. 

~  Marci McGowan


Top 'o the morning!

Reader 1

On  St. Patrick's Day, Irish people think about Ireland, sing songs, eat special foods, and celebrate their Irish heritage.

Reader 2

Ireland is often called the Emerald Isle.  That is why on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, many people wear green.

Reader 3

Hot Cross Buns, Irish Soda Bread, and Corned Beef and Cabbage are favorite foods.

Reader 4

Because it is such a festive holiday, not only the Irish observe it. Everyone enjoys the celebration!  Some towns have parades.

Reader 5

Ireland is an island country bordered on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. The Irish Sea separates it from England.

Reader 6

The ocean keeps the land from getting too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Reader 7

Because the island is almost surrounded by the Atlantic, the climate is mild and wet.

Reader 8

It also brings a lot of rain and mist to the country.  Since it is so wet, the fields are always green.

Reader 9

This is a good climate for growing grass for sheep, cattle, and horses.

Reader 10

The first people to arrive in Ireland came across the ocean from Scotland. They lived off the land and hunted and fished.

Reader 11

Other people came who cleared forests to grow crops, raise cattle and build houses.

Reader 12

After a while, the Celts came from Europe and introduced the Gaelic language. It became the language of the Irish people.

Reader 13

As a boy Patrick was brought to Ireland as a slave to herd sheep. After a while he escaped and returned to England.

Reader 14

Years later Patrick came back as a missionary. He brought Christianity to the people.

Reader 15

Viking warriors came to Ireland in boats and built towns near the coast. When they stopped fighting with the Celts, they stayed in Ireland as farmers and traders.

Reader 16

If you were to travel through Ireland today, you would see modern cities, small villages, and pretty farmlands.

Reader 17

In the green countryside, you still can see ruins of castles from earlier times.

Reader 18

The largest cities of the Republic of Ireland are located along the coast. Dublin is the capital city.

Reader 19

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. This part of Ireland belongs to England.

Reader 20

Story telling is a wonderful part of Irish folklore.    Leprechauns are said to work night and day mending fairy shoes.

Reader 21

If you hear the tap, tap, tapping of a hammer, look carefully and you may see a leprechaun.

Reader 22

But, it isn't easy to find a tiny elf dressed in green and hiding in the grass.

Reader 23

If you catch a leprechaun, watch him closely or he will try to escape and vanish.

Reader 24

He will grant you 3 wishes and even tell you where to find his pot of gold.  Good luck!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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